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Food for travel, camping and festivals 20th March 2019

Although vegan food seems to be becoming more available all over the world, it can still be difficult to get suitable food when you are travelling, particularly if you are struggling with a language and cultural divide. Here we look at some products that you can take with you as emergency rations when you are travelling abroad. In addition, there are some ideas for products that are really helpful when you are hiking, camping, or going to a festival.

Pâté Tubes

These large tubes of pâté are a god-send when you are stuck for a meal or savoury snack. Just buy some bread and squeeze some of the pâté straight onto it for an instant sandwich, or add some salad vegetables for extra flavour and nutrition. They are large tubes that will make a lot of snacks and they don’t need to be refrigerated so they are perfect for travelling. If you are flying, you will need to put them into your checked bag.

Powdered milk

You don’t want to lug cartons of plant milk around the world with you but you DO want milk on your breakfast cereal and a nice cup of tea at the end of the day. Powdered milk is the answer – just mix as much or as little as you need with drinking water when you want it. It’s also really handy if you are carrying your food on a hiking trip or a DoE Award.

Milk sachets

These little sachets of soya milk are great to have in your handbag/car when you are out and about. If you are offered a cup of tea somewhere, you will always have plant milk handy.

Tinned ready meals

If you are camping you will want a hot meal at the end of the day with a minimum of fuss. These meals are really tasty and can be quickly heated over a bonfire or camping stove.

Filled Pasta

These packets of filled pasta deliver lots of carbs to give you an energy boost and they have lightweight packaging so they are fabulous if you are carrying your own food on a hiking and camping trip. They just need to be cooked in boiling water so they are easily prepared on a camping stove.

Ambient meat alternatives

Ready-made meat alternatives usually need to be refrigerated and, as they are high in protein, they quickly grow bacteria and spoil at room temperature. However, these remarkable new products from Veg-In don’t need to be kept in the fridge. They can be eaten as part of a fried breakfast, put in a bun with some ketchup, or added to soups and stews.


It may be obvious but porridge is the perfect breakfast when you are outdoors. Just mix with water (and add some powdered milk for extra flavour), boil up and you have a warming, filling meal that is full of energy to power you through the day’s activities. If you’re not a fan of porridge then you could try the incredible tasty Lizi’s Granola range.

Dr Bronner’s

Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap is a very concentrated liquid soap that you can use to wash your body, hair, clothes, dishes, food, and much more besides. As it’s so concentrated you dilute it with plenty of water so a little goes a long way and you only have to take a small bottle with you. It’s biodegradable so it’s suitable to use when you are travelling in sensitive natural environments.

Friendly Shampoo Bars

Friendly shampoo bars are fantastic for travelling. As they are solid, they can be kept in your carry-on bag on a flight and you don’t need to worry about liquid shampoo leaking onto your clothes! The travel soap is suitable for cleaning both your hair and body. All the bars come in plastic-free packaging.

Travel Mugs

Stojo Collapsible Mugs are really handy when you are out and about. You can get a cup of coffee and avoid using a disposable mug (and sometimes get a discount for doing so). They fold down into a disc so they can be easily be carried in pockets or handbags.


Natracare ‘Safe To Flush’ moist tissues are plastic free and biodegradable. They can be used as wet wipes when you are travelling and won’t damage the local environment.

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