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The customer is responsible for ensuring that someone is available to receive an order during the time period during which it is expected. The person receiving the delivery should be aged 18 or over. If we are unable to make a delivery because we cannot access the delivery location, your items will be returned to our shop and you will be responsible for collecting them or arranging another delivery at your expense.

Whilst we strive to deliver items during the expected time range, deliveries are not guaranteed.


When an item is listed at an incorrect price, we are not obliged to honour that price. We may ask you to pay the correct price, we may remove that item from your order, or we may cancel the whole order.

Items out of stock

When items have been purchased that are not available, we may offer a substitute item. If a substitution is not available or not acceptable to the customer, we will refund the cost of that item.

Damaged Items

When an item is received in a damaged state or in an unacceptable condition, we will refund the cost of that item. We may require proof of the damage and we may want the item back.

Wrongly Ordered Items

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they order the correct items. We will not usually accept returns for items that are ordered in error. If we choose to accept a return, we may require that the item is returned to our shop or collected at the customer’s expense.


Cancelled Orders

We reserve the right to cancel any orders that we receive for any reason. In this case, a full refund will be made.

We may cancel at order at the request of a customer provided that the request is made before items have been dispatched. In this case, a 50p charge will be levied to cost of issuing the refund.