The V Spot

A vegan general store

For a kinder, greener world

If you make products that you would like us to stock, please read the information below before getting in touch.

Product type

We only sell products that are suitable for vegans within the Vegan Society’s definition. We will not stock products that contain animal ingredients or that have been tested on animals.

The V Spot is not a health food shop so we generally are not interested in supplements, CBD products, or superfoods. We will not stock homeopathic or aromatherapy products, or promote any alternative or quack health products that lack a proper scientific proof of their effectiveness.

We are interested in stocking high quality, unique and original products of specific interest to vegans. Please take time to browse our online shop to get an idea of our range.


Our main supplier is The Health Store. If your products are distributed by them then it is easy for us to order them. We also order from CLF Distribution (ambient products only), Infinity (ambient only), Suma, Lembas, and Essential.

Direct supply

If your products are not carried by a distributor then we may consider ordering them directly.

Pricing, delivery and minimum order levels

Artisanal products are understandably sold at a higher pricepoint than those from large producers. Our customer demographic is not particularly affluent so often baulks at more expensive products.

We have over 1,000 products in our shop. Although your product may sell well on a dedicated stall at a farmers’ market or vegan fair where customers can meet the creator, a shop is very different selling environment and your products may not stand out on the shelf alongside other similar items.

As we may sell only small volumes of your product, it may be uneconomic for us to order in large quantities or to pay high delivery charges, particularly for products with short shelf lives.


If you are making and selling products your business should have product liability insurance. We will want to see evidence of this before stocking your products

Food Safety

To supply food products you must have a food safety qualification, HAACP plan, and be registered with the Food Safety team at your local authority. We will want to see your registration on the Food Standards Agency website.


Our company is VAT registered and therefore we include VAT in the prices we charge our customers. If your company is not VAT registered and makes products that are not zero rated for VAT (such as sugary food and drink, supplements, non-food products) then we would have to pay VAT on our purchases from you and then charge VAT to our customers, meaning that the final price would include double the expected amount of tax. This may make the final price unreasonably high for the customer.

Ingredients and allergens

Food products should be supplied with a list of ingredients and any allergens they may contain. Bodycare and household products should also have list of ingredients and will need to comply with all relevant regulations. For example, cosmetics must have appropriate certificates of safety testing etc.


Although we do sell loose products, it is often easier to sell products in retail packaging. Packaging should preferably be visually attractive, include ingredients and allergen information, give details of the manufacturer, and be easy to display in a compact space.

Products that carry barcodes are much easier for us to manage. It is easy and fairly cheap to buy a block of barcode numbers from an agent to register against your products.

Information and samples

The best way to contact us with product information is through our contact form.

Product literature and samples can be sent to our address which is at the bottom of this page.

Unsolicited rep visits and sales calls are discouraged as shop staff are usually busy and the owner is often not present.